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Channel your mental energy

Many guys don't like to think of themselves as emotional. But everyone has feelings, and your state of mind affects your performance and overall health.

Even if you have your own way of coping with certain feelings, it never hurts to explore strategies for channeling your mental and emotional energy. It could lead to better results in your career, sex life, and health.

Tame your stress

Sometimes, all it takes is doing something you enjoy every day — a movie, a ballgame, or a hobby — with your family and friends. Other Man getting a massagetimes, you may need to do more to tame your stress:

Get moving. Exercise can relieve tense muscles and boost your energy.

Meditate. When you slow down, you can sharpen your focus.

Chill out.  Create your own personalized stress management program.

Prioritize. Do the most important things first, and save the rest for later.

Beat depression

Depression is an illness. And it affects at least 6 million men in the United States. Know the signs to look for.

Insights from the pros

If you've got a mental or emotional challenge — your own, your friend's, or a family member's — check out our this list of common mental health issues to get facts and treatment options. Get more information about our mental health services.

Reviewed by: Craig Robbins, MD, November 2018

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