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Healthy thinking

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Where do you think your moods come from?

Some people assume that life events are the cause of moods and symptoms, but your feelings aren't completely out of your control. You feel what you think.

When you experience the exact same situation at different times, it can be surprising how differently you feel about and respond to it.

woman jumping for joyYou're constantly talking to yourself in your head, and this self-talk is how you explain your life's events to yourself. How you interpret these events determines how you feel and what actions you decide to take. Some interpretations are positive and empowering. Others make you angry, feed frustration, or lead you toward depression.

You can cultivate new, healthy thoughts that help you see the positive, feel confident, and improve your health. It’s okay if you weren't born with a sunny disposition — you can change it!

Source: Adapted with permission from the Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Handbook (as published under the title Mind & Body Health Handbook), David Sobel, MD, and Robert Ornstein, PhD, 1996

Reviewed by: Andrew Bertagnolli, PhD, November 2015
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