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Attention women: If you're like lot of other women, you're worried about the health of the men in your life.

We've got guy-friendly information on getting and staying healthy, preventive screenings and tests, and dealing with emotional issues, so they'll know what to do. We've got easy online services, too, so they can make appointments, email their doctors, and refill their prescriptions.

But if you're still concerned, put your mind at rest. You're already doing a lot to keep them — and the rest of your family — healthy. Your healthy choices help make good habits and preventive care a part of your family's daily routine:

  • Share current, reliable health information with one another.
  • Go to doctor visits and recommended health screenings and vaccines together.
  • Watch for symptoms of common health problems, like weight gain, fatigue, shortness of breath, frequent urination — and talk about them.
  • Know signs of depression in men, like increased irritability, appetite changes, changes in sleep, withdrawal, and a lack of joy.
  • If a man in your life has been diagnosed with a health condition, learn about the recommended treatment and ask him if you can help him keep track of changes in health.

Source: Women Helping Men Stay Healthy; created by Men's Health Committee, Santa Clara, California

Reviewed by: Craig Robbins, MD, November 2018

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