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Kids experience a variety of illnesses throughout childhood. Some can be safely treated at home, while others may require medical attention. Learn about childhood conditions — from asthma to whooping cough, and everything in between.

To learn about issues such as bed-wetting or emotional disorders, read about childhood behavioral and emotional conditions.

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Common symptoms

Here are some of the most common reasons our members call us for advice or make appointments for their children.

You can also use our symptom checker to find out if it's safe to treat some of these conditions at home or if you need to come in for medical care.

Congestion, sore throat, and sneezing (colds and flu)
Diarrhea: age 11 and younger
Diarrhea: age 12 and older
Ear pain: age 11 and younger
Ear pain: age 12 and older
Fever: age 11 and younger
Fever: age 12 and older
Rashes: age 11 and younger
Rashes: age 12 and older
Sore throat
Wheezing (asthma)
Vomiting: age 11 and younger
Vomiting: age 12 and older

Chronic health problems

Find information and tools to help you and your child manage a chronic (ongoing) health problem.

Asthma in children
Celiac disease
Diabetes in children: type 1
Diabetes in children: type 2
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Reviewed by: Robert Riewerts, MD, 2018

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Healthy weight for kids

More than a third of U.S. children are overweight. Keep your child at a healthy weight.