10,000 Steps®


Walk your way to better health

Enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Start with 10,000 Steps, a program designed to help you gradually increase your physical activity level and work toward a goal of walking 10,000 steps each day. This number of steps is roughly equal to 30 minutes of moderate exercise, which is linked to weight loss, reduced blood pressure, and other positive health changes.

Join the program, and you can buy a pedometer to record your steps each day.* You can then:

  • Use the 10,000 Steps website to set personal goals, track daily steps, and monitor your progress online.
  • Stay motivated with daily e-mail tips that provide encouragement and support.

We've contracted with HealthPartners to bring you the 10,000 Steps program. Both the program and the pedometer are offered at a discount to our members.

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