Refill prescriptions


How can I update my medication list?

If there are missing or outdated prescriptions on your medication list in the Pharmacy Center, call or email your doctor’s office to request that your medication list be updated.

Why can't I order a refill even though I have refills remaining?

Contact the Kaiser Permanente pharmacy listed on your medication.

Why is a credit card needed if I don’t have a copayment for refills?

Our system requires a credit card number to process the order. There won’t be any charges if you don’t have a pharmacy copayment.

How do I request a refill for a family member?

You can order prescription refills online through the Pharmacy Center using Act for a Family Member. You can also order refills outside of Act for a Family Member if you have your family member's medical record and prescription numbers.

How do I dispose of old medications safely?

Old and unused medications and used needles can be a danger to your family, your community, and the environment. To dispose of them:

  • Add water to the medication bottle to dissolve pills. To make liquid medicines ineffective prior to disposal add some coffee grounds or spices.
  • Toss old pill bottles in the trash. But first:
    • Cross out names and personal information.
    • Wrap the bottle in strong tape.
    • Put the bottle in a non-transparent container, such as a small yogurt tub.
  • Consider buying a needle-destruction device or a container that is safe to throw in the trash. Review your local waste-collection rules for information on needle disposal.
  • Don’t flush medications down the toilet. Doing so can pollute wastewater and harm wildlife.

Reviewed by: Max L. Shoka, September 2016