Primary care physicians


Your personal medical team

An important part of your health care is building a personal relationship with your doctor.

When you choose your doctor, he or she must be a primary care physician — a doctor who practices one of these areas of medicine:

  • adult or internal medicine (specializing in adult care)
  • family or general medicine (health care for you and your whole family)
  • pediatric medicine (care for patients from birth through age 16 to 18, depending on the facility)

Doctors smilingAs a new member, you will be able to choose from primary care physicians who are currently accepting new patients.

Find doctors and locations online or call us and we'll work with your preferences to find an available doctor near you.

In some areas, you may have even more options for selecting a primary care physician, such as a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant. Check out your choices in our how to get care center.

Reviewed by: Kate Christensen, MD, April 2011
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