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Communicate clearly

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for healthier relationships

If you're like most people, you say yes when you really want to say no. You don't make your meaning clear. You're vague. You misinterpret what someone's saying. You hog conversations.

When you communicate effectively, you feel understood. Life is joyful and satisfying, and you feel in control of events. You feel connected, valued at work, and people trust and respect you. Even sex can be more fulfilling.

When you communicate what you feel, think, and want clearly and comfortably, other people are likely to be more responsive to your needs, which can help you feel loved and connected.

Source: Adapted with permission from the Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Handbook (as published under the title Mind & Body Health Handbook), David Sobel, MD, and Robert Ornstein, PhD, 1996

Reviewed by: Andrew Bertagnolli, PhD, November 2015
Additional Kaiser Permanente reviewers

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