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Your mind and body are connected. Guided imagery programs engage your mind, body, and spirit to help you:

  • reduce stress
  • focus on healthy changes
  • promote healing

Health JourneysPresented in cooperation with Health Journeys. produces our gentle, but powerful, guided imagery programs. Kaiser Permanente doesn't provide transcripts for these programs because the reading voice — its softness and pace — is key to their success.

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Health conditions and concerns
Cancer: CopingListenDownload
Cancer: ChemotherapyListenDownload
Cancer: Radiation therapyListenDownload
Fibromyalgia and fatigueListenDownload
Healthy heartListenDownload
Immune system healthListenDownload
Pregnancy and childbirthListenDownload
Emotional wellness
Anger and forgivenessListenDownload
Panic attacks and anxietyListenDownload
Self confidenceListenDownload
Living healthier
Relaxation and wellnessListenDownload
Stop smokingListenDownload
Weight lossListenDownload

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