The healthy kitchen

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Smart tips and food safety

Don't let your kitchen get in the way of your healthy eating habits. Make it a kitchen that helps you meet your goals by following these smart tips.

Set up your kitchen for success

  • Keep tempting foods out of the house. Have healthy substitutes handy such as fruits and vegetables. Make cut vegetables and fresh fruit the first thing you see when you open your refrigerator so you aren't tempted by less healthy options. 
  • Buy less-healthy foods in smaller portions and don't eat directly out of the package. Most people will eat more from a big package than from a smaller one. If you do buy large bags, repack the food into sandwich bags when you get home from the grocery store.
  • For many families, the kitchen is the room for hanging out, watching TV, catching up, and doing homework. This also makes snacking easy. Make another room in your house the "hangout" or family room.

Food safety

It's important to follow proper food handling instructions when cooking to avoid food poisoning.

  • Wash your hands before cooking.
  • Use a separate cutting board for preparing raw meats.
  • Check foods for expiration dates.
  • Don't leave food out for more than 2 hours.
  • In hot weather (80 degrees or above) reduce that time to 1 hour.

Reviewed by Kaiser Permanente in 2018

Eating better together

Join a healthy eating class in your area.

Need support? Find a wellness coach.

Fresh produce and exciting flavors

Explore your healthy eating lifestyle at a farmers market near you.

Your eating-well toolkit