Managing your care


When you're not feeling well, figuring out how to get care and treatment can seem difficult. Here are some ways to make managing your care easier.

Your care team

Your personal physician, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists, class instructors, and others will care for the whole you, body and mind.

Be sure to go to all your appointments, and let your doctor know if you are having any problems between visits.

Use our checklists to help you prepare for your visits. When possible, have a family member or friend come with you. He or she can help you ask questions, remember answers, and speak up for you if you're having trouble communicating.

You can sign on to our convenient online services and stay on top of your treatment from the comfort of your home.

In some cases, you can share your online health records with a family member, who can use for you.

Register on, or take our online tour to see how works.

Second opinions

You can get a second opinion about your condition or treatment plan from any Kaiser Permanente doctor in your area. It's not uncommon for doctors to get this request, and your doctor can help you set it up.

Doctors and locations

You can switch doctors at any time. Search for doctors who best fit your health care needs, including medical specialty, language, and office or hospital location.

Need directions to your appointment or the number for the lab? Get hours, phone numbers, and maps to our facilities.

Behavioral, mental health, and psychiatry

We have mental health professionals and support groups to help you cope. Contact your local Kaiser Permanente Mental Health, Behavioral Health, or Psychiatry departments for resources and services in your area.

Health classes and support groups

We offer classes, support groups, and programs for you and your family.


Stay informed about clinical trials at Kaiser Permanente and other research centers.


If you're faced with limited life expectancy, you may want to learn about hospice services and other care options. Find hospice services at your medical center.

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HIV care in your area

HIV testing saves lives

One-third of the people newly infected with HIV are under age 30Kaiser Permanente is not responsible for the content or policies of external Internet sites..  HIV expert Michael Horberg, MD, talks about why everyone should be tested.