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Nontraditional care options

Which complementary or alternative care might be right for you? Get the facts about common types of natural care and learn more about which conditions and diseases they may help to treat or prevent.

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Mind and body connection

Your mind and body are connected, so it's important to nurture your emotional wellness and mental health.

Mind-body care focuses on the powerful ways that physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health can affect your total wellness. Some mind-body treatments and therapies that have proven to be effective include:


Bodywork is the practice of relieving stress or pain through touch or pressure to better align your joints, muscles, and bones.

Popular types of bodywork include:

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Holistic medicine

Holistic medicine is a philosophy that combines many types of alternative care for overall, or "whole" health. Most were developed before today's traditional medical care, and are used around the world.

Some common types of holistic medicine include:

Botanical therapy

Botanical therapy (also called "biologically based therapy") uses ingredients found in nature, such as herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Energy therapy

Energy therapy, also known as "biofield therapy," is based on the idea that the body contains — and is surrounded by — energy fields. Energy therapy is designed to improve health by working with these energy fields.

The health benefits of energy-based therapy have not yet been proven, but some types that are currently practiced include:

Reviewed by Kaiser Permanente in 2018

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