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Julie P. Sutherland, MD

My specialty: ? Cardiology

My gender: ? Female

Languages I speak: ? English

About me

I am originally from Phoenix, AZ. I moved to Denver in 1997 for my internal medicine residency and decided to stay for my fellowship in Cardiology and subsequent practice. I love living in Colorado! I feel privileged to be able to practice medicine and was inspired originally by my mother, a now retired neurologist who was one of only a few women in her medical school class. I am very fortunate to have 3 great kids and an equally wonderful husband, who is a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health.

About my practice

Cardiology is a fascinating, constantly evolving field with many opportunities to help patients feel better. I enjoy the variety of patients I see every day in the hospital and in clinic. I am board-certified in cardiac CT interpretation, which is a special interest of mine - cardiac CT is a rapidly evolving technology with various applications to clinical cardiology. In addition working with patients with cardiac diagnoses, I am also interested in primary prevention of heart disease and helping healthy patients lower their risk of developing heart disease.

How I thrive

I strongly believe that regular exercise is essential for maintaining good health, both physically and mentally. I enjoy many activities - currently my daily exercise routine includes running or Crossfit. I enjoy skiing and hiking. I love hanging out with my kids, which is how I spend almost all of my free time! I like to cook and love spending time with and entertaining friends.

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