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Michael Scott Nelson, MD

My specialty: ? Pediatrics

My gender: ? Male

Languages I speak: ? English, Spanish

Not accepting new patients. Please call 1-888-956-1616.


About me

Hello. It's a pleasure to tell you a bit about myself.


I've called San Diego home since 2001. Before coming to work at Kaiser Permanente, I was a pediatrician with the U.S. Navy for six years—two years in Guam and four years at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. My wife, two daughters, and I like the San Diego lifestyle and community a lot and will probably be calling it home for the foreseeable future.

About my practice

I've been in the Pediatrics Department in Otay Mesa since I started with Kaiser Permanente in 2006. We have a great team of customer service representatives, nurses, and physicians here, and that's just the way I like it. We work hard and try to practice culturally sensitive medicine to meet the needs of our diverse member population. I enjoy taking part in families' lives, both watching and helping their children grow into strong and healthy adults. I am also a big believer that routine childhood vaccines are safe and a very important aspect of your child's health. In addition to a busy general pediatric practice at Otay Mesa, I am also the medical director of the craniofacial clinic for Kaiser Permanente in San Diego. I am proud to be the leader of this multispecialty team, which coordinates care for children with conditions such as cleft lip, cleft lip and palate, and craniosynostosis.

How I thrive

“All things in moderation” is the cornerstone of health. I use this simple concept to keep me healthy. For me, staying healthy involves the delicate balance between career, exercise, good eating habits, and quality time with loved ones.

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