Growth and development

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Is your child's physical and emotional development on track? It isn't always easy to be sure.

The truth is, children develop at their own pace, both physically and emotionally. But although their pathways through growth and development differ, many children experience predictable "milestones" along the way.

Learn what physical, emotional, cognitive, and other milestones you might expect at:

1 to 12 months
12 to 24 months
2 to 5 years
6 to 10 years
11 to 14 years
15 to 18 years

You can also find information about speech and language development (birth to 5 years).

Additional resources

  • See our Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures handouts for more information about growth and development at specific ages.
  • Just like adults, children need a personal physician for all their care. If your children don't have a pediatrician or family doctor, use our doctor and location search to find a physician.
  • Well-child visits are a great opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have with your pediatrician or family doctor. These are generally scheduled every few months from birth to age 2, then every year or two until age 18.
  • Looking for information and guidance? Search our health classes to find parenting courses and support groups in your area.

Reviewed by: Robert Riewerts, MD, 2018

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