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Many people think that just because a remedy is natural, it must be safe. But when something is strong enough to have an effect, it's also strong enough to have side effects — and possibly interact with other medications.

We've teamed up with the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database to bring you reliable information so you can make smart decisions about taking vitamins, herbs, and other supplements.

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database gives you the tools to:

  • find safety and effectiveness updates for each product and ingredient
  • check for interactions between natural products and other medications
  • look for herbs and supplements with a "seal of approval"
  • see whether a natural product is accepted to treat your condition

Before using any new medication (including over-the-counter drugs, herbs, or supplements), it's a good idea to discuss its safety and effectiveness with your doctor or pharmacist. It's also important to find out how it will interact with any medication you're currently taking.

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Reviewed by: Mark Groshek, MD, July 2013

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