Kids: Your guide to care

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You want what's best for your kids, and good health is no exception. But kids don't come with instructions on how to keep them healthy, happy, and thriving.

We give you secure, convenient online tools and other services to help keep your kids healthy.

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Caring for teens

As teens grow, so does their need for privacy and independence. Many of our facilities offer special teen clinics with staff who are specially trained to deal with issues adolescents face. Teens 13 or older can also sign up to use our online services.

Caring for babies

Is your child a newborn (0 to 3 months)? Visit our pregnancy and new baby center.

Reviewed by: Robert Riewerts, MD, 2018

Give your kids a boost

Manage your child's care

Set up our act for a family member feature to help you look after your child's health. It's quick and easy.

Healthy weight for kids

More than a third of U.S. children are overweight. Keep your child at a healthy weight.