Hamstring curl (lying down)

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  1. Lie on your stomach with your legs straight.
    • If you're not comfortable, try placing a pillow under your stomach.
    • If your kneecap is uncomfortable, roll up a washcloth and put it under your leg just above your kneecap.
  2. Lift the foot of your affected leg by bending your knee so that you bring your foot up toward your buttock. If this motion hurts, try it without bending your knee quite as far. This may help you avoid any painful motion.
  3. Slowly lower your foot back to the floor.
  4. Repeat 8 to 12 times.
  5. It's a good idea to repeat these steps with your other leg.

When you can do this exercise with ease and no pain, add some resistance. To do this:

  • Tie the ends of an exercise band together to form a loop. To hold the band in place, shut a door on the band so the knot is on the other side of the door, or attach one end of the loop to a secure object. (Or you can have someone hold one end of the loop to provide resistance.)
  • Loop the other end of the exercise band around the lower part of your affected leg.
  • Repeat steps 1 through 5, slowly pulling back on the exercise band with your leg.

Current as of: July 18, 2023

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