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Eduardo A. Baetti, MD

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Kaiser Permanente provider

I speak: English, Spanish

My gender: Male

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About me

My name is Eduardo Baetti. It sounds Italian, but I was actually born and raised in a small, country town in Argentina. My wife is also a native of Argentina, and we have three adult daughters. My father was a physician and my older brother is a surgeon. They helped give me the inspiration to pursue a medical career.I completed my medical degree in Rosario and my internal medicine residency in Buenos Aires. I came to Atlanta for my rheumatology fellowship at Emory. Rheumatology intrigued me. I was mystified with the challenge that arthritis and other rheumatic diseases posed, which inclined me to choose it as a subspecialty. I joined Kaiser Permanente ten years ago, and I was immediately impressed with how our health delivery system focused on prevention and affordable quality care. I am planning to retire here.

About my practice

I see all types of Kaiser Permanente members with rheumatic diseases, with the exception of children. The most common conditions I see are: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, lupus and a variety of connective tissue disorders. We now have very effective treatments for most of these conditions. I also report Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scans, which is an imaging technique that helps to determine the strength of the bone and the likelihood of osteoporosis and fractures. I work in close contact with other medical professionals, such as orthopedists, physical therapists, and podiatrists. I also work with neurologists and lung, heart and kidney specialists since connective tissue disorders may involve a variety of internal organs.Generally, members are referred to me by their primary care provider, and if appropriate, I will follow them on a regular basis depending upon the diagnosis. I am also the head of the Rheumatology Department at Kaiser Permanente, which entails responsibilities in the administrative arena.

How I thrive

I strongly believe that both body and mind should be the focus of our care. I endorse the idea of preventative medicine as a long term investment in not only my future health, but the health of our Kaiser Permanente members. We should try to devote enough time to work, family and personal activities, such as exercise or fun with friends. Tennis provides many of these ingredients for me. My wife and I also enjoy gardening and traveling.

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My office

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Medical groups and plans

The Southeast Permanente Medical Group

Rheumatology Department name
2525 Cumberland Parkway Se, Atlanta, GA 30339
List Header Plans Accepted
  • HMO or EPO
  • Individual & Family Plans
  • Individual & Family Plans - Added Choice
  • Multi-Choice or POS
  • Senior Advantage
  • Signature HMO

Contact information

  • Health Line
  • 1-800-255-0056 (toll-free TTY for the hearing/speech impaired)
  • Health Line
  • 1-800-611-1811 (toll free)
  • Health Line
  • 404-365-0966

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My training, certifications and licensing

Medical school

Universidad Nacional Del Litoral
Rosario 2000 , Argentina

Board certification

American Board Internal Med (Rheumatology) American Board Internal Medicine

To verify board certification for an individual practitioner, please visit the American Board of Medical Specialties, the American Medical Association, or the American Osteopathic Association websites.

Medical training



Emory University Affiliated Hospitals
Atlanta , GA

Joined Permanente Medical Group

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My hospitals

I have admitting privileges at the following hospitals:

5665 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd Ne, Atlanta, GA 30342
550 Peachtree St, Ne, Atlanta, GA 30308
1000 Johnson Ferry Road, Ne, Atlanta, GA 30342

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