What is Annual Membership Information, and who gets it? 

Kaiser Permanente must provide written notice when renewing or discontinuing coverage for the next policy year. Kaiser Permanente must also inform members of any rate and/or benefit changes, as well as other important changes for the next policy year, prior to the annual open enrollment period. As a member who has chosen a Kaiser Permanente for Individuals and Families plan, you will receive Annual Membership materials with this information electronically if you consent.

Specific terms of consent agreement

  • Kaiser Permanente is required to mail your Annual Membership information, unless you request to get it electronically. If you do not select electronic delivery through kp.org by August 1, we must continue to mail the information even if you tell us separately that you want electronic delivery.
  • Your consent to electronically receive your Annual Membership information will be applicable for all future renewals prepared after we receive your consent, and will be effective on an ongoing basis until you withdraw your consent.
  • If after providing your consent for electronic delivery you wish to obtain a paper copy of your Annual Membership Information, you may do so by following the steps under “Requesting paper copies of electronic documents” in the General Terms section below.
  • If you consent to electronic delivery, your electronic Annual Membership information will be posted on kp.org prior to the start of the annual open enrollment period or earlier if required by law. This information will be accessible to you for two years after posting.
  • We will send a notice to your last known email address on record with kp.org when your Annual Membership information is available for you to view electronically. The email will provide information on how to access and print the form.
  • If you terminate your Kaiser Permanente for Individuals and Families coverage, you will no longer receive the Annual Membership information.