What is a Form 1095-B, and who gets it?

Health plan issuers such as Kaiser Permanente that provide fully insured group coverage and employers that sponsor self-insured group health plans must report to the IRS annually on the minimum essential coverage they provide for all enrolled individuals. These issuers and employers are also required to provide a statement, IRS Form 1095-B, to subscribers. The IRS uses this information to verify that you have the health care coverage required under the Affordable Care Act, and that you do not owe a tax penalty for failing to have coverage. The form reports the type of coverage you have, any dependents covered by your plan (if any), and the period of coverage for the previous tax year.

Specific terms of consent agreement

  1. If you do not consent to electronic delivery of Form 1095-B, then a paper copy will be mailed to your last known address on file.
  2. Your consent to receive electronically the 1095-B form (and any corrected versions) will be applicable for any form (or corrected version) issued after we receive your consent, and will be effective on an ongoing basis until you withdraw your consent.
  3. If after providing your consent for electronic delivery you wish to obtain a paper copy, you may do so by following the steps under “Requesting paper copies of electronic documents” in the General Terms section below.
  4. If you terminate your enrollment with a Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, your Form 1095-B will only be sent in paper to your last known address on file.
  5. If you consent to electronic delivery, your electronic Form 1095-B will be posted on kp.org on or before the current IRS deadline, and will be accessible to you for two years after posting. You can obtain a paper copy of your 1095-B at any time by following the steps under “Requesting paper copies of electronic documents” in the General Terms section provided below.
  6. We will send a notice to your last known email address on record with kp.org when your Form 1095-B is available for you to view electronically. The email will provide information on how to access and print the form.